Superb Production Value on a Decent Budget

It has been a few months since the video went live and we used it on our TV ad campaign, but if you missed it you can watch our new commercial on the website.

Chris and his crew created an awesome video that truly reflected our view of how we felt and the whole project came under budget and ahead of schedule.  I did not expect that so I would highly recommend Chris if you’re looking for a videographer working in Boston or the eastern areas.

In the video bellow - Gonzaga – A Moment with UFC fighter Gabriel Gonzaga – by Chris Thibault - you will see the struggles and challenges that he went through to become a dominant force in the sport and gain respect from competitors, writers, commentators, fans and coaches.

The UFC is a brutal arena and climbing the top ranks requires so much more than brute force.  Master skills in many disciplines are needed to be able to become unpredictable and an enigma so that preparing a game plan against you becomes futile.

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